Marcus Hiles Provides Housing Options Across Texans

Marcus Hiles’ singular development concept has allowed Dallas and its suburbs to become more tastefully designed, and remain within the reach of an ever-growing number of people. The upscale atmosphere becomes immediately apparent to prospective tenants and visitors when they first arrive at The Towers By The Park in Frisco. The luxurious community is anchored by an infinity edge swimming pool, with tanning deck and a series of cabanas, resulting in a relaxing oasis environment. The covered outdoor kitchen, picnic area, and barbecue station couple with the catered community social events to help The Towers By The Park function as a home with hotel conveniences.

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Marcus Hiles Keeping Communities Quiet With Cellulose Insulation

Inside Marcus Hiles’ 15,000 lavish rental residences throughout Texas, cellulose sound insulation gives tenants their own den away from the outside world. While the communities exhibit the developer’s plan of community-based features, including shared business centers and championship golf courses, Hiles understands the need for residents’ private home life—one without any audible interference from the world outside or next door. Full depth cellulose is exceptionally effective in its mission to prevent intrusive sound. While most insulation provides a small amount of noise reduction by inhibiting sound from traveling through walls or floors, dense packing cellulose weakens volumes by limiting the passage of sound along cavities inside the building’s structure. According to the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, cellulose insulation products maintain an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of around .80 or higher, meaning that it absorbs 80% or more of the sound that attempts to pass through. Roughly three times denser than standard fiberglass, this insulation affords a drastic improvement over the other most common type of home insulation.

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Marcus Hiles Offering Renters Better Quality Of Life

Residents searching for “The Best Place in the City” to live should turn to Marcus Hiles and his firm Western Rim Property Services for affordable luxury rentals throughout the state of Texas. Their homes give tenants a higher quality of life through signature fixings that enhance the unit living lifestyle. Beautiful properties and state-of-the-art features entice tenants to look beyond the norm for long-term housing solutions.

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Marcus Hiles Recommends Upgrading Air Conditioner Units To Save

Marcus Hiles’ last bit of advice can be a big saver.  He recommends that buyers and renters look for properties with updated air conditioners that have Season Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) of 16 or above.  Compared to a 15-year-old home with an older 10 SEER air conditioner unit, a 16 or higher unit can cut air conditioning bills by 60 percent.  The Department of Energy only requires the newest units have a 13 to 14 SEER rating, but the higher the number the better.  Hiles notes that his properties are equipped with energy efficient air conditioning units that lead to annual savings of over $400,000 and states that over five years they’ll save more than $6 million.  This comes with the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions by more than 320,000 tons of carbon over the next decade.

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Marcus Hiles on Being Active

Being active and developing a healthy lifestyle is ever so important in today’s bustling society. That’s why it is important that residential complexes have different recreation spaces and that the developers and investors of such complexes are aware of the importance of growing environmental issues. Marcus Hiles is well aware of the fact that people should live healthier lives and that’s why he donate land for community parks and build his residential complexes including environmental features, parks, and jogging trails. It’s of utmost importance that wealthy people follow Hiles’ example and help the environment. Read more on

Marcus Hiles Discusses Expansion Of Houston Energy Firms Following OPEC Decision

Short of two months after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) historic agreement to stabilize the market by slowing crude production for the first time in eight years, per-barrel cost has nearly doubled after slipping to a rate of $26 in February of the prior year. In Greater Houston, the capital of U.S. oil production, the agreement has sped up the sector’s recovery from a two-year downturn while spurring regional economies. Texas real estate expert and CEO of Western Rim Property Services Marcus Hiles, the state’s preeminent affordable luxury property developer, expects that as Houston’s energy companies are able to hire and grow in 2017, the metro region will see rising employment rates corresponding into wage increases.

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Marcus Hiles Notes Projected Growth For Houston Energy Companies

The two months since the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) historic agreement to stabilize the market by cutting crude production for the first time in eight years have witnessed the price per-barrel almost doubling after dropping to a low of $26 in the prior February. In Greater Houston, the focal point of U.S. oil production, the deal has boosted the industry out of a two-year downturn and jumpstarted local economies. Texas real estate authority and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, the state’s most renowned luxury property developer, Marcus Hiles suggests that as Houston based energy companies continue to expand in 2017, communities across the metropolitan area will see higher employment rates and further wage hikes.

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Western Rim Chairman Marcus Hiles Supports Disadvantaged Women

Marcus Hiles, real estate developer, understands the importance of providing poverty-stricken women in Texas with the means they need to support their families. Over the past two decades, he has donated substantial amounts to women’s programs that aim to equip women with the tools and skills they need to obtain successful employment.

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Marcus Hiles Pushing Housing Market Into Green Future

Marcus Hiles has been ahead of the curve, using his intuition to satisfy market demand for greener lifestyles and wellness environments among apartment renters through his companies under the Western Rim Properties umbrella. Building neighborhoods, not projects, and forging important bonds between employees, residents, and communities through mentorship, work ethic, and philanthropic activities, Hiles has grown as a lifestyle leader in the multifamily housing market. With over 15,000 upscale residential properties under his management across the state of Texas, Hiles continues to progress the industry, acting on opportunity to create desirable, affordable high-end developments in accordance with green standards.

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Marcus Hiles On First Elements Of Planned Cities

According to Marcus Hiles, the first elements of planned cities in the United States took hold in St. Augustine in the year 1565. Company towns like Gary, Indiana were the sites of technological innovations and economic fervor during the Industrial Revolution. The first modern planned cities appeared during the Florida land boom of the 1920s in Southern Florida, when the famous Miami suburbs of Coral Gables, Opa-locka, and Miami Springs were developed to emulate the look and architecture of Spain, Arabia, and Mexico. During Great Depression, the Federal Government developed model towns in Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Wisconsin to ease the impact of the economic downturn on coal miners, construction workers, and their families. The remote communities of Oak Ridge, TN; Richland, WA, and Los Alamos, NM were created during World War II for the families of scientists, engineers, and industrial workers working on the Manhattan Project. Today, blueprinted communities cover the country, including the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., and capital cities in Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Utah, Florida, and Texas.

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