Month: March 2017

Marcus Hiles Pushing Housing Market Into Green Future

Marcus Hiles has been ahead of the curve, using his intuition to satisfy market demand for greener lifestyles and wellness environments among apartment renters through his companies under the Western Rim Properties umbrella. Building neighborhoods, not projects, and forging important bonds between employees, residents, and communities through mentorship, work ethic, and philanthropic activities, Hiles has grown as a lifestyle leader in the multifamily housing market. With over 15,000 upscale residential properties under his management across the state of Texas, Hiles continues to progress the industry, acting on opportunity to create desirable, affordable high-end developments in accordance with green standards.

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Marcus Hiles On First Elements Of Planned Cities

According to Marcus Hiles, the first elements of planned cities in the United States took hold in St. Augustine in the year 1565. Company towns like Gary, Indiana were the sites of technological innovations and economic fervor during the Industrial Revolution. The first modern planned cities appeared during the Florida land boom of the 1920s in Southern Florida, when the famous Miami suburbs of Coral Gables, Opa-locka, and Miami Springs were developed to emulate the look and architecture of Spain, Arabia, and Mexico. During Great Depression, the Federal Government developed model towns in Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Wisconsin to ease the impact of the economic downturn on coal miners, construction workers, and their families. The remote communities of Oak Ridge, TN; Richland, WA, and Los Alamos, NM were created during World War II for the families of scientists, engineers, and industrial workers working on the Manhattan Project. Today, blueprinted communities cover the country, including the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., and capital cities in Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Utah, Florida, and Texas.

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Marcus Hiles Points To Factors Affecting Rent Costs

Marcus Hiles encouraged renters looking to sign a lease to remember a few factors that may impact the cost of rent. According to a Forbes article on how to negotiate rental prices, doing research about the neighborhood, the landlord, and what other tenants are paying — either in the same building or community – are all factors in finding lower rental rates. Renters also shouldn’t hesitate to negotiate prices. Although blatantly asking for a lower rental price may not be the best strategy, landlords are not always opposed to negotiating. “Negotiation points for me as a landlord and property manager are length of lease and credit,” notes Denise Supplee, co-founder of, a full-service rental automation firm. Another option, notes Hiles, is to offer to sign a long-term lease. Landlords like the idea of being able to minimize turnover rates while still meeting their profit quotas.

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Marcus Hiles Proposes Other States Adopt Texas Growth Strategies

The commitment of Texas to government deregulation and lowered spending would be beneficial for other states to promote growth according to businessman, Marcus Hiles. During the past decade, the state’s leaders have created an environment for businesses and residents to thrive. Hiles explains that there is no corporate or personal income tax, and during each session, the Legislature curbs spending growth. Read More: